How does NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES contribute to the development of intermodal freight?

On the bangs of the Intermodal Europe* trade show, which took place last week in Amsterdam, intermodality remains an exciting topic for NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES.

Nestor Technologies - Intermodal freight

Intermodal/multimodal freight is certainly one of the development areas to be favoured from both an ecological and economic point of view. 

The TREX Solutions offered by NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES are available to support the digitization and automation of multimodal platforms (among others!).

Operations that follow one another…

Thanks to TREX Solutions, as soon as a convoy (container truck, train, etc.) passes by, the various registration, verification and control operations are carried out much more quickly:

  • Identification of the truck and trailer license plates,
  • Identification of the number of the wagons,
  • Identification of the code of the transported containers (according to current standards),
  • Acquisition of high resolution images of each side of the convoy allowing its visualization and its control.

The automatic identification of the convoy allows a faster inventory and is an essential information in the context of a port terminal.

For a win-win situation

All acquired data is thus available to the terminal‘s third-party systems. Intermodal terminal operators gain in efficiency:

  • Traceability of road and rail traffic
  • Time savings
  • Limitation of error margins
  • Increased personnel and site safety
  • Safety of rolling stock and containers transported

Intermodal/multimodal freight can and must develop faster! New technologies are here to accelerate and optimize their performance.

* 2022 European Intermodal Trade Show