Automatic Container Code Recognition


Automatic Container Code Recognition (ACCR),
Container Damage Inspection (CDI) and
Automatic License / Number Plate Recognition (ALPR / ANPR) solution.

TREX-CONTAINER uses the latest digitals camera and LED lightings technologies, as well as advanced image processing software based on Artificial Intelligence.

Then, as a truck arrives at a checkpoint (gate, barrier, weighbridge…), the solution automatically captures :

  • The code of each container (ISO-6346 or ILU)
  • The number/license plate of both the truck and the trailer transporting the container
  • High-resolution images of the truck and container

All collected data is made available in an SQL database via a web service, an XML file, or can be directly transmitted to any another system using a specific export plugin.

TREX-CONTAINER is the ideal solution to ensure the automatic and efficient control of container transport and storage.

Actually, the solution TREX-CONTAINER is designed to :

  • Automatically recognize the license plate of the truck and trailer as well as the code of each container.
  • Capture high-resolution inspection images for container damage detection (inspection version).
  • Integrate and manage road traffic control equipment: traffic lights, barrier, VMS, sensors…
  • Manage access permissions to traffic lanes.
  • Export all collected data to an SQL database, an XML file, a web service…
  • Interface easily with external systems: weighbridge, X-ray inspection, TOS…
  • Be flexible, scalable, adaptable to any infrastructure
  • Simplify, accelerate and secure the control of the trucks and cargo.
  • Allow remote maintenance.
  • Be fully automatic and efficient 24/7


benef - accelerate

Accelerates traffic
through the automatic identification of convoys without having to stop the trucks.

benef - reduce-costs

Reduced management costs
resulting from automatic container code and truck/trailer license plate recognition.

benef - suppr

Increases human safety
due to clerks no longer being required to go into lanes to check trucks.

Benef - reduce

Reduces risk of claims
by capturing high-resolution images of container and cargo.


Simplifies the control
of container transport.

benef - integrate

Easy integration
with external systems such as weighing systems, TOS (Terminal Operating System), kiosks…


Enhances safety
when interfaced with cargo X-ray inspection systems…



  • Industrial high-resolution cameras and high-performance
  • LED illumination for maximum performance.
  • Pre-wired outdoor connection box for simple and fast deployment of the equipment (circuit breaker, industrial switch, Ethernet I/O module, power supplies, industrial connectors…).
  • TREX Software Suite from NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES

Capture of high-resolution images of the surfaces of the containers for damage detection with details of less than 2mm (Inspection version).

processing modules
  • Automatic Container Code Recognition (ACCR) per international standard ISO 6346, regardless of the size of transported containers (20, 40, double 20 feet).
  • Automatic License/Number Plate Recognition (ALPR/ANPR) of truck and trailer. OCR compatible with license plates from over 120 countries (and states of United States, Canada and Mexico), including Latin, Arabic and Cyrillic plates.
optional modules
  • Automatic recognition of ADR codes

Exportation and importation of all data collected during each passage through an XML file, an SQL database (PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server …) and its web service, or via a specific protocol : date and time, site, lane, code of each container, plate number of the truck and trailer, container inspection high-resolution images, images of the passage…

Integration :

  • with external host systems : TOS, X-ray inspection, weighbridge…
  • with traffic control equipment : traffic lights, barriers, variable message sign (VMS), sensors
  • Fully automated and efficient system 24/7.
  • Maximum truck speeds up to 20 km/h. For higher speed, please contact us.
technical support

Technical support through remote control of the system.

Main applications

It is an automated container transport management solution for :

  • Container terminals and storage areas,
  • Ports authorities and gate facilities,
  • Weighbridges,
  • X-ray inspection,
  • Industrial and logistics areas,
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS),
  • International Ship and Port Security (ISPS),
  • Customs and border control,
  • Homeland Security applications,
  • Airports…
customer - checkpoint
Checkpoint – Borders
customer - multimodal
Multimodal sites
customer - industrial sites
Industrial sites
customers - logistics
Logistics areas
customer - ports
customer - airports
Military sites
Military sites

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