Under Vehicle Scanning Solution


Advanced Under Vehicle Scanning Solution (UVSS)
that efficiently and safely controls the vehicle’s undercarriage.

TREX-UVSS uses the latest technologies of industrial high-resolution digital cameras, LED illuminations and image processing algorithms. The system comes with a sophisticated Software Suite with an intuitive and customizable graphical interface.

As a vehicle drives over the scanner, the system acquires automatically a high-resolution image of its undercarriage and recognizes its license plate.

Based on reference images, a powerful algorithm automatically detects any changes or foreign objects hidden under the vehicle and alerts the operator by displaying on the screen the potential areas of threats: weapon, explosive device, drug…

Once the inspection is completed, the operator authorizes or not the vehicle to pass. All data collected during process are stored in a shared database.

TREX-UVSS is the ideal solution to ensure an efficient control of the vehicle’s undercarriage.

Actually, TREX-UVSS is designed to :

  • Acquire automatically a high-resolution image of the vehicle’s undercarriage whatever its length: car, truck, trailer…
  • Scan the vehicle in both directions.
  • Recognize automatically the license plate.
  • Detect automatically any changes or foreign objects hidden in the vehicle undercarriage by comparison with reference images stored in the database.
  • Alert operator in case of any threats detected.
  • Inspect quickly, fully, efficiently and safely for the operator the vehicle’s undercarriage at the entrance of sensitive sites.
  • Multi-lane, multi-site database
  • Multi-criteria authorizations management
  • Export all collected data to an SQL database.
  • Integrate with external host systems and traffic control equipment: video surveillance systems, barriers, road blockers…
  • Be efficient 24/7.
  • Resist to heavy vehicles.
  • Offer a powerful Software Suite with an intuitive graphical user interface.



Increases safety
by viewing a high-resolution image of the vehicle’s undercarriage

benef - accelerate

Accelerates vehicle control
through a fast, global and precise inspection process of the vehicle’s undercarriage.

benef - suppr

Removes human risks
through remote inspection of the vehicle’s undercarriage by the operator who is located in a secure area.

benef - tracking

Records in a shared database
all the data collected during inspection…


vehicle inspection process.

benef - integrate

Easy integration with external systems
such as barriers, road blockers, traffic light, x-ray inspection systems, access control systems…

TREX-UVSS - image d'inspection d'un châssis de véhicule

Technical specificationS

  • Inspection scanner with high-resolution cameras (Line scan or area scan capture technology) and high-performance LED illumination
  • Electrical cabinet, sensors, cables and connectors
  • Acquisition and processing PC
  • TREX Software Suite from NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES
INspection images

High-resolution panoramic images of undercarriage for each car

processing modules
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR/ANPR) compatible with license plates from over 100 countries, including Arabic and Cyrillic plates.
  • Automatic detection of any changes or foreign objects hidden in the vehicle’s undercarriage by comparison with a reference image.
  • Special parts on request (contact us)

Exports all data collected (date, time, site, lane, plate number, high-resolution images…) to an SQL database (PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server…) and shares them using the secured TREX Web Service.

Easy integration with third party application (security system, parking management…) and traffic control equipment (traffic lights, barriers, road blockers, variable message sign (VMS))…


The TREX-UVSS solution is fully automatic system, efficient 24 hours a day.

For optimum inspection, vehicle speed up to 20km/h.


Technical support through remote control of the system.

Main applications

Under Vehicle Scanning Solution is essential today for :
  • Official sites :
    • embassies,
    • ministries,
    • governmental sites,
    • military bases…
  • Sensitive sites :
    • airports,
    • border crossings,
    • nuclear plants,
    • gated communities,
    • factories…
  • Commercial sites :
  • car parks,
  • hotels,
  • malls…
customer - sensitive sites
Sensitive sites
customer - checkpoint
customer - industrial sites
Industrial sites
customer - airports

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