The TREX Software Suite,
a range of image processing applications and modules.

The TREX Software Suite is a range of image processing applications and modules designed and developed by NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES.

A TREX solution is a powerful, flexible and modular combination of software and hardware for a particular need. A solution is based on the TREX Software Suite developed by NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES.

In fact, this TREX Software Suite operates in a network and manages on one or more stations :

  • data acquisition and processing at control points,
  • storage and export of collected data,
  • the exploitation of the data.

It can be interfaced with an external system : TOS (Terminal Operating System), an X-ray system, a weighbridge, a VMS (Video Management System), etc.

Software Suite - Screenshot_TREX-CAPTURE
Data capture screenshot


The TREX-CAPTURE software captures, processes, stores and exports all data collected when a vehicle passes a TREX system 24/7.

TREX-CAPTURE manages the equipment installed on one or more lanes. It processes the data sent by the cameras, sensors and all the equipment provided in the solution, and then exports the data collected to a database or another system using web service, XML files or a specific plugin.

Moreover, this application can manage complex acquisitions thanks to powerful acquisition scenarios and acquisition scenarios and fully configurable processing modules.

TREX-CAPTURE is provided with the processing modules and optional plugins required to run the deployed solution.


TREX-DB-MANAGER is the TREX database management software. It allows to create/ update/ backup/ delete/ restore a TREX database.

TREX-DBWS-MANAGER is an application for deploying a web service that allows to store and to retrieve the data collected by one or more TREX solutions. This web service is compatible with PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

The TREX database is multi-site and multi-lane. Several TREX solutions can share the same database.

Moreover, third party applications can retrieve data through the TREX web service.

Software Suite - Screenshot_TREX-DB-MANAGER
TREX-DB-MANAGER screenshot
Software Suite - Screenshot_TREX-OPERATOR
Vehicle scan screenshot


TREX-OPERATOR allows operators to access and manage all the data stored in a TREX database.

Actually, an operator can verify, modify and validate each vehicle & cargo (container, wagon…) that passes the TREX solutions.

An operator can also search a specific vehicle according to search criteria like date, time, lane, license plate, container code, wagon number…