TREX Solutions require specific
and high-technology equipments.

NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES provides the TREX software suite and the appropriate equipment for the operation of the deployed solution (digital cameras, LED lights, sensors, computers, cables, electrical boxes …).
Moreover, we propose to pre-wire these equipments (when possible according to specifications) for a quick installation on site. The assembly and the parameter setting are nevertheless carried out in France.

In addition, NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES works with various suppliers selected for the quality of their products and services.

Finally, our teams are at your disposal to supervise the proper installation of the equipment by your technical teams.

Equipment - camera


NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES uses and supplies some of the most powerful cameras on the market.
These are high-resolution digital cameras, specific and adapted to TREX Solutions, which work day and night.

We use either matrix or line scan cameras, with sensors depending on the solution to be installed and the result desired by the customer.

The associated LED lighting offers top performance.

Equipment - Portal

Masts et portals

Some TREX Solutions require the supply of masts, poles or gantries in order to attach various equipment : cameras lighting, sensors, boxes.
For example, they are needed to inspect trucks and their loads, transported containers, as well as rail convoys.

They can be delivered – we recommand it – pre-assembled and pre-wired to ensure a quick deployment of our solutions.

Equipment UVSU : vehicle undercarriage scanner

Vehicle Undercarriage Scanner

The TREX-UVSS solution offers scanners adapted to the road sector and which allow the efficient and safe inspection of the chassis of the vehicles that come along: cars, trucks, etc.

The scanner housing (UVSU) is designed to withstand the passage of heavy vehicles (up to 13T per axle).

equipment - UVSUT-installed

Train Undercarriage Scanner

The TREX-UVSST solution offers scanners which allow high-resolution inspection of the undercarriage and lower parts of trains from different angles.

These scanners are specifically adapted to the railway field.

Equipment - Powerbox

Power Box

We deliver the electrical boxes pre-equipped (circuit breaker, switch, input/output module, loop sensor…) to allow a quick connection of the equipment on site.

These junction boxes are designed for outdoor installation.

Equipment - Disque dur Dell


TREX solutions are delivered with the hardware pre-installed and parameterized to ensure fast and safe on-site installation and optimized use.

The TREX Software Suite also works in a Windows environment and is VMWare compatible.


Our image processing software benefits from GPU (Graphics Processing Units) technology, which gives it increased accuracy and processing speed.

artificial Intelligence

The TREX software suite developed by NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES integrates the latest technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence in order to obtain the best recognition rates in the field of OCR (automatic recognition of license plate, container code, car number…) and a high reliability in the detection and classification of objects in images.