New Solution designed for the
railway sector: TREX-UVSST

UVSST solution , UVSUT scanner

NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES officially launches the new solution for rail traffic.

This new solution is TREX-UVSST (Undercarriage Vehicle Scanning System for Train)and is intended for image-based inspection of the undercarriage and lower parts of a train.

Images are taken from different angles by equipment placed between the rails and at the trackside at a suitable angle.

Then, it is possible to automatically detect by AI some critical elements of the wagons (chassis, bogies, brakes, suspensions, axles…). The objective is to help the operator to check their condition by comparison with a previous passage of the wagon, or by a direct visual check. The TREX-UVSST solution is scalable: NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES can design specific analyses to detect and analyze particular elements of the wagons.

NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES has developed this solution to optimize the control and traceability of railcar condition. Today, this is available to all actors in the freight and rail logistics industry.

It aims to accelerate the process of maintenance and control of railroad convoys, to raise a level of security at the entrance of a private site, to improve the traceability of the transport of goods… Actually, This solution is an effective decision support tool for the security and maintenance teams.

In the current context of decarbonization of transport in general, the trend is to turn to intermodality and rail freight. The digitalization of the sector is becoming unavoidable. Now, the TREX-UVSST solution is therefore an answer to the challenges of efficiency, safety and security.

In conclusion, companies involved in manufacturing, maintenance, wagon rental, carriers, shippers, forwarding agents, industrialists, multimodal and intermodal rail terminal operators, etc. are likely to be interested in this technological solution.