NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES develops and sells solutions for recognition
and inspection of vehicles and cargo.

NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES offers software and hardware solutions to ensure better security, safety and productivity through image analysis. We integrate the latest technologies (OCR, Artificial Intelligence…) and high performance hardware to our developments to offer quality solutions to our customers.

TREX Solutions meet the current standards in the transport, logistics and security sectors.


Automatic Container Code Recognition Solution

TREX-CONTAINER is an Automatic Container Code Recognition, Container Damage Inspection (CDI) and Automatic License/Number Plate Recognition solution.

TREX-CONTAINER incorporates state-of-the-art high-resolution digital cameras, LED illumination technology and image processing algorithms. As a truck arrives at a checkpoint (gate, barrier, weighbridge…), the solution automatically…


Automatic Wagon Number & Container Code Recognition Solution

TREX-WAGON is an automatic imaging solution for identifying freight wagon number and container code.

TREX-WAGON is an automatic wagon number & container code recognition system. This is an imaging system that consists of cameras, lights, sensors and a computer. The system gives for each train…


Advanced Under Vehicle Scanning Solution

TREX-UVSS is an advanced Under Vehicle Scanning Solution (UVSS) that efficiently and safely controls the vehicle’s undercarriage.

TREX-UVSS uses the latest technologies of industrial high-resolution digital cameras, LED illuminations and image processing algorithms. The system comes with a sophisticated software suite with an intuitive and customizable graphical…


Automatic License Plate Recognition Solution

TREX-PARKING is an Automatic License/Number Plate Recognition (ALPR/ANPR) solution that logs and controls the access of the vehicles.

TREX-PARKING is a flexible and modular solution that uses the latest high-resolution digital cameras and LED illuminations technologies. It is accompanied by a powerful software suite with an intuitive and customizable graphical interface. As…