TREX-CONTAINER is an Automatic Container Code Recognition (ACCR), Container Damage Inspection (CDI) and Automatic License / Number Plate Recognition (ALPR / ANPR) solution.


TREX-CONTAINER incorporates state-of-the-art high-resolution digital cameras, LED illumination technology and image processing algorithms. As a truck arrives at a checkpoint (gate, barrier, weighbridge…), the solution automatically captures:

  • The code of each container.
  • The number/license plate of both the truck and the trailer transporting the container.
  • High-resolution images of the truck and container.



TREX-CONTAINER is designed to:

  • Automatically recognize the license plate of the truck and trailer as well as the code of each container.
  • Capture high-resolution inspection images for container damage detection (inspection version).
  • Integrate and manage road traffic control equipment: traffic lights, barrier, VMS, sensors…
  • Manage access permissions to traffic lanes.
  • Export all collected data to an SQL database with a web service, an XML file, or transmit directly to another system with a specific export plugin.
  • Interface easily with external systems: weighbridge (weighing), X-ray inspection, TOS (Terminal Operating System) or other management system
  • Be flexible, scalable, adaptable to any infrastructure
  • Simplify, accelerate and secure the control of the trucks and cargo.
  • Allow remote maintenance.
  • Be fully automatic and efficient 24/7


TREX-CONTAINER is the ideal solution to ensure the automatic and efficient control of container transport and storage.


  • Accelerates traffic through the automatic identification of convoys without having to stop the trucks.
  • Reduced management costs resulting from automatic container code and truck/trailer license plate recognition.
  • Increases human safety due to clerks no longer being required to go into lanes to check trucks.
  • Reduces risk of claims by capturing high-resolution images of container and cargo.
  • Simplify container transport control
  • Easy integration with external systems such as weighing systems, TOS (Terminal Operating System), kiosks...
  • Enhances safety when interfaced with cargo X-ray inspection systems...

Technical characteristics

  • Automatic Container Code Recognition per international standard ISO 6346, regardless of the size of transported containers (20, 40, double 20 feet).
  • Automatic License/Number Plate Recognition (ALPR/ANPR) of truck and trailer. OCR compatible with license plates from over 120 countries, including Latin, Arabic and Cyrillic plates.
  • Capture of high-resolution images of the surfaces of the containers for damage detection with details of less than 2mm (Inspection version).
  • Exportation and importation of all data collected during each passage through an XML file, an SQL database (PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server ...) and its web service, or via a specific protocol: date and time, site, lane, code of each container, plate number of the truck and trailer, container inspection high-resolution images, images of the passage...
  • Fully automated and efficient system 24/7.
  • Integration :
    • with external host systems: TOS, X-ray inspection, weighbridge...
    • with traffic control equipment: traffic lights, barriers, variable message sign (VMS), sensors ...
  • Maximum truck speeds up to 20 km/h.
  • Equipments :
    • Industrial high-resolution cameras and high-performance
    • LED illumination for maximum performance.
    • Pre-wired outdoor connection box for simple and fast deployment of the equipment (circuit breaker, industrial switch, Ethernet I/O module, power supplies, industrial connectors...).
  • Softwares :
    • Automation of the acquisition, OCR processes and data exportation managed by TREX-CAPTURE software.
    • Equipment status monitoring tool.
    • Database management by TREX-MANAGER software and its web service.

Main applications

Automated container & truck identification solution for:

  • Container terminals and storage areas,
  • Ports authorities and gate facilities,
  • Weighbridges,
  • X-ray inspection,
  • Industrial and logistics areas,
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS),
  • International Ship and Port Security (ISPS),
  • Customs and border control,
  • Homeland Security applications,
  • Airports…