NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES develops and sells solutions for recognition and inspection of vehicles and cargo.


Automatic Container Code Recognition solution

TREX-CONTAINER is an Automatic Container Code Recognition (ACCR), Container Damage Inspection (CDI) and Automatic License / Number Plate Recognition (ALPR / ANPR) solution.

TREX-CONTAINER incorporates state-of-the-art high-resolution digital cameras, LED illumination technology and image processing algorithms. As a truck arrives at a checkpoint (gate, barrier, weighbridge…), the solution automatically...


Automatic License Plate Recognition solution

TREX-PARKING is an Automatic License/Number Plate Recognition (ALPR/ANPR) solution that logs and controls the access of the vehicles.

TREX-PARKING combines the latest technologies in order to obtain clear images of license plates day and night, with an optimal recognition rate. It is accompanied by a powerful software suite with an intuitive and customizable graphical...


Under Vehicle Scanning Solution

TREX-UVSS is an advanced Under Vehicle Scanning Solution (UVSS) that efficiently and safely controls the vehicle’s undercarriage.

TREX-UVSS is composed of a fixed or mobile shooting unit placed in the center of the traffic lane and a computing station with its processing application. It advantageously replaces the classic manual mirror control system. As a vehicle...


Automatic Wagon Number & Container Code Recognition solution

TREX-WAGON is an automatic imaging solution for identifying freight wagon number and container code.

TREX-WAGON is an automatic wagon number & container code recognition system. This solution is an imaging system that consists of cameras, lights, sensors and a computer. The system gives for each train...