Compatible with BOSCH cameras and BVMS

TREX solutions are now compatible with BOSCH cameras and the Bosch Video Management System (BVMS).

TREX-CAPTURE software (Copyright NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES) is capable of recovering and processing the ONVIF stream from BOSCH cameras.

TREX-CAPTURE can thus apply all available OCR processes (automatic license plate recognition, container code recognition, etc.) to this type of video stream.

Thanks to our new BVMS plugin in TREX-OPERATOR, a virtual alarm can be automatically generated on the BMVS during a TREX event like :

  • The passage of a vehicle,
  • The reading of a particular license plate, 
  • The detection of a vehicle category defined by the user (authorized, unauthorized vehicle, delivery etc...),
  • Reading a container code...
  • Information can be automatically associated to the virtual alarm (up to 10 fields), such as vehicle license plate, country of vehicle, container code, date and time of passage...

The operator can then view the BVMS side video of the vehicle's passage as well as the information associated with this alarm.

Our BVMS plugin is compatible with the following equipment:

  • BVMS Enterprise
  • BVMS Pro
  • BVMS Lite 32 or 64
  • DIP3000
  • DIP7000

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