Automatic License Plate Recognition solution.


TREX-PARKING is an Automatic License/Number Plate Recognition (ALPR/ANPR) solution that logs and controls the access of the vehicles.

TREX-PARKING is a flexible and modular solution that uses the latest technologies of high-resolution digital cameras and LED illuminations. It is accompanied by a powerful software suite with an intuitive and customizable graphical interface.

As a vehicle arrives at a checkpoint (gate, barrier, weighbridge…), the system automatically captures and recognizes in real time its license plate. A customizable scenario queries the database to determine if the vehicle is authorized or not to enter, and to get more information about the vehicle (model, type, owner…). The scenario can also trigger automatically actions based on the license plate recognized such as opening a gate or barrier, controlling a traffic light, sending an audible or visual alarm to an operator...

All data collected during transaction are stored in an SQL database using a secured web service or can be exported to XML files... TREX-PARKING can easily exchange data with a ticketing machine, a pay station, a car park management system, a weighbridge, an X-ray inspection system, or any other external system.

TREX-PARKING is the ideal solution to ensure an efficient access control and the tracking of the vehicles.

is an automatic license
plate recognition solution with a powerful
database & scenario management.


TREX-PARKING is designed to:

  • Recognize automatically the plate number of vehicles coming from over 120 countries, including Latin, Arabic and Cyrillic license plates.
  • Manage access permissions by license plate, vehicle type, time slots...
  • Execute actions automatically according to the license plate detected.
  • Exportall data collected at checkpoints to an SQL database using securedTREX Web Service, to XML files, or to any another system via a specific protocol.
  • Interface easily with external systems like pay stations, ticketing machines, a weighbridge, an X-ray inspection scanner...
  • Manage one or more lanes distributed on one or more sites.
  • Be automatic and efficient 24/7.
  • Allow remote maintenance.
  • Simplify, accelerate and secure the access control and the tracking of the vehicles.

Automatic License Plate Recognition solution


  •  Accelerates traffic and access control of the vehicles through the automatic recognition of their license plate.
  • Reduces management costs thanks to automatic license plate recognition of cars and trucks.
  • Removes human risks because no clerks are required on the lanes to read the vehicle number plate.
  • Reduces risk of claims by storing all information collected when a vehicle passes a checkpoint.
  • Simplifies the vehicle access control process.
  • Easy integration with external systems such as barriers, road blockers, weighing systems, traffic light,
  • Enhance safety when interfaced with under vehicle inspection system TREX-UVSS or with a cargo and vehicle X-ray inspection scanner… 

Main applications

Vehicle access control solution for :

  • Official buildings and sites:  Embassies, Ministries, Governmental sites...
  • Sensitive sites and high security areas: Cargo and vehicle X-ray inspection scanners, border crossings, airports, military installations, gated communities...
  • Industrial and commercial sites: weighbridges, car parks, hotels...


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  Technical specification
  • Automatic License/Number Plate Recognition (ALPR/ANPR) in few milliseconds of cars, trucks and trailers. OCR engines efficient with license plates coming from over 120 countries, including Latin, Arabic and Cyrillic plates.
  • Database management with :
    • Users: authentication, role…
    • Vehicles: plate number, model, type, owner…
    • Vehicle types: Blacklist, Whitelist…
    • Access permissions…
  • Scenario management with automatic triggering of actions according to the license plate, the vehicle type: opening of a barrier, piloting a traffic light, alarm...).
  • Exportall data collected (date and time, site, lane, plate number, high-resolution images...) at checkpoints to an SQL database (PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server ...) using the securedTREX Web Service, to XML files, or to any another system via a specific protocol.
  • Import data from an external system using the secured TREX Web Service or using a specific communication protocol.
  • Search vehicles by plate number, date, time, lane, vehicle type, owner…
  • Fully efficient system 24/7.
  • Industrial high-resolution IP cameras and high-performance LED illumination for the best results.
  • Pre-wired outdoor connection box for simple and fast deployment of the equipment (circuit breaker, industrial switch, Ethernet I/O module, power supplies, industrial connectors...).
  • Solution compatible with TREX Software Suite from NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES.