Automatic Wagon Number Recognition solution.

TREX-WAGON is an Automatic Wagon Number Recognition (AWNR) and Container Code Recognition solution (ACCR).

TREX-WAGON consists of high resolution camera which works in conjunction with powerful OCR software. The system represents the latest innovations and technology in image capture and processing.

For each train that enters or exits the terminal, TREX-WAGON automatically registers the time, the direction, the UIC number of each wagon as well as container code number.

The information is saved in a database and can be sent in real-time to an external application.

With the included search functionality, it is also simple for the operator to search and extract data pertaining to each train.

is the essential tool for maintaining the management and safety of railway freight.

is an Automatic
Wagon Number Recognition system for 
railway terminal and terminal operator.


TREX-WAGON was created for:

  • Capturing and extracting identifying information from each passing train wagon as well as identifying information on containers aboard trains (option).
  • Archiving all identifying information from each train in a database.
  • Does not require any alteration or additional hardware installation on trains or wagons.
  • Is automatic and effective 24/7, given the proper ambient constraints including severe weather.
  • Adapts itself to several variables such as train speed, distance, etc.
  • Can interface with other inspection systems (inspection by X-ray, etc.).

Reconnaissance du numéro des wagons des trains

Automatic Wagon Number Recognition


  • Reduced cost of database management due to the automatic capture of identifying information.
  • Reduced claim due to storage of image.
  • Reduced risk of human error associated with manual database entry.
  • Simplified management control at railway terminals.
  • Increased safety and security with possible interfacing with other inspection systems (X-ray inspection, detecting defects in wheels …).
  • Ease of integration with existing traffic control tools and systems.

Main applications

Control Rail Traffic for:

  • Train terminals.
  • Container terminal.
  • Industrial sites.
  • Border and customs gates.

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  Technical characteristics
  • Automatic text recognition of wagon code number (per UIC standards), on one to three lines.
  • Automatic text recognition of container code number (per ISO 6346) as an option with TREX-Container.
  • The following information is recorded for each passing train convoy:
    • The date, time and direction of passage.
    • Images of the passing convoy.
    • For each wagon, the following information is captured and recorded:
      • The UIC number and associated image.
      • Identifying information marked on containers being transported (option).
      • The relative time elapsed from the start of the train convoy to the current wagon.
      • The calculated chance of error in the text recognition.
  • Data stored in a SQL database.
  • Standard convoy speed up to 30km/h. Option for convoy speeds up to 320 km/h possible.
  • Visible or infra-red lighting.
  • Max. distance of system from the railway track: 3m.
  • Exportation of database in Excel format.

  • Custom software development.
  • Adaptation of system for harsh environments or higher speed trains.